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All-In Donation Day is March 9, 2021! Give, Share, Ask!

2/19/2021 RMHC Central Illinois

Our goal is twofold: raise $50,000 in 24 hours and help fulfill our wish list items.
Click here to learn more about All-In Donation Day...

There are 3 simple ways to go All-In for RMHCCI: Give, Share, Ask!

  1. Make a gift online! - a gift of any amount makes a difference to our families. Your gift will help us maintain our two Houses (Springfield and Peoria) as homes away from home for the families who stay here.
    • Today only, your gift will be doubled! The Richard A. Perritt Charitable Foundation, managed by RMHCCI Board Member Mark Tyrpin and family, has committed to a $50,000 matching gift for All-In Donation Day. Your gift of $5 is actually a $10 gift! 
    • All funds raised on All-In Donation Day will be put toward our areas of greatest need, but specific examples of what your gift can do are below...
  2. Share a Facebook post about All-In Donation Day.
  3. Ask a friend to make a gift and share a message about All-In Donation Day on social media, too!